Not much is hotter these days than helping organizations control their defects, understand their business "patterns" and make adjustments to achieve breakthrough improvements. The Six Sigma programs at LTU help to do just that. 

Six Sigma Overview

Participate in, or put your team members through, a Six Sigma overview that helps them understand the value of the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model.

Greenbelt Certification

Learn the detailed tools, techniques, and methods of Six Sigma. Tackle problem definition, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Failure Modes, Control Charts, Measurement System Evaluation, Baseline, Design of Experiments, and much more. Classes run three days.

Blackbelt Certification

Take the tools of Six Sigma and apply them to a real project! With the support of a Master Blackbelt coach, study a business problem, capture the current state, generate possible improvements, and lock-in breakthroughs. PDC can help you find an organization looking for a Blackbelt candidate if needed. Blackbelt studies conclude in four months time on average working at a part-time pace.

Master BlackBelt Certification

Become a Master Blackbelt. If you are a certified Blackbelt, learn advanced statistical methods, tools and action plans for coaching others (e.g., Greenbelt and Blackbelt candidates), and detailed financial and strategic approaches to validate and quantify the business value of Blackbelt project outcomes. Includes "teachbacks" to other Master Blackbelt Candidates and opportunities to practice coaching in real and simulated settings.

Programs run regularly both in one-to-one conducts and in classes on campus. On-site training and consulting is also available for organizations and groups.